Worldle Game

Worldle Game

Worldle is a map based game. Each day, the solution is a random country or territory somewhere in the world. Your job is to guess it with 6 tries.

Someone shared this emoji board the other day on twitter, so I had to try.

#Worldle #44 5/6 (100%)

Worldle game link

I think the easiest way to explain the game, is to show you. Here is my Worldle 44 from this past weekend.

When you go the the website, you are shown a black image of the country or territory. Now if it were shaped like Nebraska, it would be easy. This image is your first hint.

Now you type in your first guess, the game will auto-fill options. So I entered Australia for my first guess. Now the shape doesn't match, but it is a good starting point and I didn't realize this hint at the time.

My hint is that the correct location is 10,603km away, or about 6,000 miles. The direction is also given, it is west of Australia. My next guess was Venezuela in South America, which overshot the distance by a long way.

Now I am told 11361km to the east of Venezuela. I think the percentages are sort of like "getting warmer" "colder" kind of scores. I like the scoring system.

Now aiming for Africa, I choose Egypt. This was much closer, now only 3,721km away. The direction is now south of Egypt. I don't know my geography of Africa very well, and selected South Africa which was too far south.

The solution is now 3,000km to the northeast from South Africa. I have a big map of the world on the wall behind me, which is cheating. But I turned around and chose Tanzania.

My map is helpful when looking for a random island in the middle of the ocean. I think the goal of this game (for me), is to refresh my geography skills. Playing Worldle will get you to picture the world map in your head. Having a reference point helps a lot.

This is a good game to learn and probably teach geography. Even if you "cheat" and look at a map, you are still learning something new everyday. I may have referenced an online dictionary a time or two playing Wordle.