WordPlay 65

WordPlay 65

I usually start my day with the Daily Wordle. Then the daily game for WordPlay. I do this before I look at facebook or twitter. I see many spoilers posted in my twitter timeline. Sometimes twitter blocks them out, but I have even had a bot comment on my past posts with a spoiler.

Recently I also added the daily Dordle and daily Worldle. I have discussed Dordle previously, and will discuss Worldle later today. Here is yesterday's puzzle from WordPlay.

This is my gameplay, please send your word game screenshot to wordnerdle@gmail.com if you want to be featured in the future.

I started with PLANE, it has the less common "P" but is otherwise a good word. It ranks near the top 1% at FirstWord.com. The word PLANE gets a last letter 🟩 for the "E".

My next word was STORE, this word introduced the common letters. My kids would say that STORE didn't help. But learning that the "S", "T", "R", and "O" are ⬛ is a really helpful hint. After 2 rounds I know 8 letters that are not in the answer.

For the 3rd word, I chose CHIME. Another word I considered was GUIDE since it had both the remaining vowels. I thought it was more important to use 3 constants. There certainly was a possibility of a double letter "E". I got lucky with CHIME and got 3 more 🟩.

Resulting in πŸŸ©πŸŸ©πŸŸ©β¬›πŸŸ© in the 3rd round.

I have 3 turns remaining and should win. Here are the options

  • CHIDE - Possible
  • CHILE - Eliminated with PLANE
  • CHIME - Eliminated with 3rd word
  • CHINE - Eliminated with PLANE
  • CHIVE - Possible

So I should win in 5 tries with a 50/50 chance of getting a 4/6. Since CHIVE is more common, I went with that for my 4th try. The "V" came up ⬛. Now the 5th word is CHIDE and wins in 5/6.

Rewinding back and playing GUIDE for my 3rd word would have shown this below:

It would have resulted in the same situation. Only the double-letter IMIDE and CHIDE remain as options. Eliminating all the common letters early was very helpful!

CHIDE - scold or rebuke
IMIDE - an organic compound containing the group β€”CONHCOβ€”

Both CHIDE and IMIDE have not been in my vocabulary.