WordPlay 94

WordPlay 94

Over the past few weeks, WordPlay.com has become a pretty popular website. WordPlay has a daily game where everyone has the same word. You can also practice your skills and play more 5-letter games. WordPlay also has a 6-letter version.

Looking at my daily Game ID, I can't decipher how many games are played each day. Maybe the odometer is rolling over. 🤣

Game 95 - 801623824
Game 94 - 955756908
Game 93 - 5197480
Game 92 - 850887494
Game 91 - 5332750
Game 90 - 3475750

Here is my gameplay from WordPlay #94.

I started with UNITY, ranked over 5,000 out of 13,000 according to FirstWord. This word ended up all ⬛. My next guess was a little better. The 2nd word was SLOPE and found a 🟩 "E" in the 5th position.

For my 3rd word, I wanted to introduce the remaining vowel "A". I played GRADE which found a 🟩 "A" and a 🟨/🟧 "R". The first word I thought of was WEAVE, but it didn't include an "R". So I went with REAVE. This confirmed the last three letters as "ARE" since the "R" only had the 4th spot remaining.

The first word I thought of was AWARE. Other words that were still possible CHARE, WHARE, PHARE. My score was 52.

WordPlay includes a simple scoring system. Currently points are given for remaining turns, 🟩 and 🟨 tiles.

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Send your word game screenshot to wordnerdle@gmail.com