WordPlay 56

WordPlay 56

The Daily WordPlay game from last week was a very common word. But this word has make different variants. Here is my play from last week. The biggest learning is that I definitely should have tried an "N" prior to the 6th word.

Starting off with SLATE, gets you excited with 3 🟩. But this can also be a problem. Now that you know 3 letters, you will get limited knowledge. If you stick to the hints like I did, you are only able to try 2 new letters each round. This puts you at a disadvantage to gain hints, ⬛ are still helpful.

If you have a two word opener, I like the word CRONY or GRIND. Here are some suggestions I got from Second Word, you can try your favorite starting word. IRONY is not as good of a 2nd word, since you have already discovered the 🟩 "A" and "E".


Now after the first 2 rounds, you have eliminated "S", "T", "B", and "D". There are still many options available. The "D" eliminates BLADE, CLADE, GLADE, with SLADE already eliminated. The "B" eliminates BLADE, BLARE, BLAME, BLAZE, with BLASE and BLATE already eliminated.

There are many options left. GLARE is a good choice and uses past hints. The "R" eliminates the words GLARE, FLARE, with BLARE already eliminated. The "G" eliminates GLACE, GLAZE, GLARE with GLADE already eliminated.

Using the word FLAKE in the 4th round uses past hints. The "F" eliminates FLAKE, FLAME, with FLARE already eliminated. The "K" doesn't provide new information, since SLAKE has been eliminated.

Going into the 5th round, I only see 3 words left. There are 2 chances to get it right. Luckily, PLACE, PLANE, and ALANE have overlapping letters. This means no matter which one I try, the answer will be obvious. In past games, this situation has been worse.

With good letter selection and play, using hints I have see 6 options left with only 2 turns. Seeing this situation early can help you uncover a way to guarantee a win in 6 turns or less.

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