Wordle - Twitter Data

Wordle - Twitter Data

In my last post, I shared some of the hardest words. Some words took longer to solve, and others had an increased failure rate. I leaned on a Wordle Stats bot on twitter. Now a data scientist from twitter (@LaurenFratamicoβ€Ž) evaluated the 32 million tweets.

From Laurens blog post:

"Since Wordle launched in mid-October 2021, it has been mentioned in 32.2M Tweets, by 3.3M people. Wordle chatter on Twitter grew exponentially, from only 400 Tweets/day in December to 500K Tweets/day at peak. Tweets about Wordle have earned over 6.6T views, 58M likes, and 9M replies."

Those posting scores on twitter ramped up over the month of January. The number of 🟩🟨 filled posts went from 10k to 500k in about 30 days. Each month since, the number of score tweets has dropped about 100k per month. It is surprising that it hasn't leveled out yet in May as the hype has dropped.

The purchase of Wordle by the NYT happened at the peak on January 31st, 2022. Josh Wardle managed to sell at the top of the hype. Variations such as Heardle, Dordle, Worldle, and Quordle have diluted the market somewhat. Maybe some are only posting the best game. Others may be too busy playing games, to post them to twitter.

I gathered my list of hardest Wordle games up through mid-April. The losing games X/6 were omitted from the graph, but certainly all do not post if they lose.

This normalized graph shows the breakdown more clearly. Here are the typical percentages:

Wordle 1/6 - about 1%
Wordle 2/6 - about 5%
Wordle 3/6 - about 25%
Wordle 4/6 - about 30%
Wordle 5/6 - about 20%
Wordle 6/6 - about 20%

This graph is pretty interesting, showcasing variance. It would be interesting to see a graph only of double-letter solutions. I think solutions with an obscure letter or double letter will have few 1/6, 2/6 and 3/6. With a higher number of 5/6 and 6/6 for the difficult answers.

The average score was shared overall was around 4.1. This skews lower since all the failed attempts are not included. In my analysis, I considered the X/6 as a 7 in the average. This assumed they answer would be found with one more chance.

The most difficult words were SWILL, FERRY (December 2021), FORGO (this past weekend), FEWER, and LOWLY. My previous post matches with double L words SWILL and LOWLY being in the top 5.

Lauren's analysis excludes the problems many found with WATCH, CATER, and FOUND by excluding the X/6. The many failures should push up the average scores of these words.

On the flip side, the easiest words found in the analysis were:

PLANT, STAIR, TRASH, POINT, THORN all which have a T. Most first words have a "T", or should at least.  None have an E, which can be tough as it is sometimes hard to find the 🟩 placement

The 25 letters in the 5 easiest:


Lauren has has some good analysis of the time of day they were posted. Many posted immediately at midnight, with a 2nd peak around 7 or 8 in the morning. Check out her post at the Twitter Blog.

Send your word game screenshot to wordnerdle@gmail.com