Wordle Solution 241

Wordle Solution 241

A couple tough days in a row.  Wordle 240 had a double letter and a "Y" out of last position.  Maybe you forgot the STORY I told last week.  About how common the Y is at the last position.  Wordle 242 proved to also be difficult.

Wordle 241 solution was AROMA.  The word AROMA is quite common and doesn't have the obsecurity factor. There is always difficulty with a double-letter Wordle.

This is the 3rd day in a row with a double letter.  Double letters together "TT" "LL" "NN" "OO" are a little more common than at the 1st and 5th position.

Lets evaluate this persons play.

First word of AUDIO is a popular starting word since it has 4 different vowels.  It ranks 7,000 out of 13,000.  It is in the bottom half of words. The word usually doesn't have much chance of getting a 🟩 in the first round.
I mentioned before that a 1st word 🟩 is very helpful to get the word by the 6th try. The A is most comment in the 2nd or 3rd position.

Luckily here, AUDIO does get the 🟩 "A" in the first spot and also got 🟨 "O".  But this was ignored for the 2nd word choice.

This person appears to have a standard 2 word start, AUDIO then SPENT. This would not be allowed in hard mode, unless AUDIO missed entirely. Well, SPENT misses entirely. So the player needs to regroup and pick a good 3rd word. Spoiler alert, the 3rd word is bad.

Now after learning in the first 2 words that the word starts with an "A" and doesn't contain the letter "E". The player selects ELBOW for some reason. The E was already eliminated with SPENT. Maybe this player is pressed for time. ELBOW confirms that the "O" is not in the 4th spot.

This player now remembers Wordle 241 which was AROMA. Many players started with this word since it was fresh in their mind from the day before. These players were rewarded with a 2/6 most likely. Thinking of 5 letter words that start with an A is tough. Especially with an "O". There are less than 100 total. The only AO--- word AORTA has been eliminated.

The player knows A-O-- with the 4th guess. ALOHA and even AGOGO is ruled out with the 🟨 "O" at the end. (See double letter rules) After guessing AROMA, the player is left with AGORA. Many players probably don't know this word, and just brute forced all the remaining letters.

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