Wordle Solution 240

Wordle Solution 240

Having a double letter will usually create problems, but this puzzle created all kinds of issues for people. The C is pretty popular, so that should be figured out in the first couple rounds. The thing that makes this puzzle the most difficult is that the solution isn't a widely know word. Most don't even know how to spell it.

it is pretty common to have a "Y" at the end. Having a second letter "Y" makes this Wordle more complex. Discovering a C and Y early is a key to success.

Review the play of this person, not the best starting word. As a first word, OPENS is ranked in the lower half overall. The word OPENS ranked 7227 out of 13,000. This word does include an "E" and "S". But again, getting a green tile is my ultimate goal for my first word. Getting a single 🟩 is better than 2 🟨🟨 in the first round.

The 2nd word of MUNCH does move the N to the center.  But I would choose a word with an A or I (or both) to try to nail down the vowel in the 2nd round. After 2 rounds, only 3 vowels have been attempted. This risks the dreaded X/6.  The player did get lucky with a 🟩 for the N. They also gained the 🟨 "C".

Better 2nd words: DRAIN, TRAIN.

Now for the 3rd word. The A and I are still unknown, so I would guess a word with one or both. Guessing CANDY isn't too bad, this player could be a Wordle Hard Mode player with only a little time available.

Better 3rd words: CANID, CANTI

Now after gaining using CANDY, you have gained very useful knowledge. The yellow tile on the Y is as good as a green tile. With the Y in the word, but not at the end. You now know it has to be in the 2nd position.  

You have ruled out the A as well. You either have CYNXX or CXNYX. There are no words with CXNTX and only 1 word with CYNXX. You are left with the answer, CYNIC.

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