Wordle Solution 239

Wordle Solution 239

Many were successful with today's Wordle.  This is a well known word, with common letters. Many of the letters are popular and there are not any rhyming problems. Send me your Wordle screenshot if your word selection made it difficult.

Anytime you get X/6 for the daily Wordle, send me a screenshot (wordnerdle@gmail.com). I may be able to help expose overlapping words or letters. Most should have got the solution of ROBIN today.

Lets look at this gameplay.

First word of SNORT is a top 10% word, ranking in the top 1000 overall for a first guess. SNORT includes the most common constants. It also gives the "S" a good chance at 🟩. The "S" is the most common 1st letter in Wordle and the most common constant overall. The player got 🟨 for "N", "O", and "R". Three🟨🟨🟨 is better than one 🟩.

For the next word, they select ROUND. This is a good choice as it introduces another vowel "U". Other good choices are NOTER, APRON, or BARON. If you want to use an "E" then maybe RONDE or ROWEN. Or an "I" then MINOR.

"N" contained as well. ROMAN was selected, better than ROWAN, but ROWEN may be better since the "W" has 2 possibilities. ROMAN will help to eliminate ROGAN.

After ROMAN confirms the RO--N, this does not eliminate ROWEN or ROVEN. But ROBIN is a good guess, another possibility is the double letter RONIN. Overall, this gameplay was good. There was a good first word, and the 2nd and 3rd words used the hints provided. The score of 4/6 was probably the average for ROBIN.

Send your word game screenshot to wordnerdle@gmail.com