Wordle Solution 237

Wordle Solution 237

Good morning everyone, the Wordle yesterday was difficult mostly due to the first letter.  If you did not get a yellow tile for the first letter in the 1st or 2nd round, it made the word tough.

Wordle 237 4/6


I like this gameplay, and I like to start with a Y and the end.  I like READY or STORY for my first word, this got on a 🟨 R for them.  There are many good 1st words, it is sort of like an opening in chess.  Starting the same will help speed your gameplay up since you know the best follow-up words to use.

The 2nd guess was good in that it included an R, but the S is already know to not exist.  READS wasted the 5th position, but did land a 🟨 E.  A better guess would have been REACH with all new letters in play.

Couple bad moves, but got lucky with the 3rd word.

Again, the 3rd round the player included a letter that was known to be missing.  The D was already confirmed to not exist.  A better word would have been CURVE or CRUEL  With the guess of CRUDE the player got lucky that all the other letters turned to 4 yellow tiles.

With UCDE yellow tiles, the 4th word is a little tough.  You have to suspect that a vowel starts the Wordle answer since you know that the R and C is not in the 1st position.

Mistakes made with 2nd and 3rd words can cost you greatly, you need to gain as much information as possible.  Using a redundant letter ⬛ a second time is a waste, you could be missing out on a helpful hint.  You are better off using a V or Z instead of an S that is already ⬛.

Food for thought.  Send me your screenshots this weekend and I could discuss them on Monday.