Wordle Solution 242

Wordle Solution 242

Another tough day in a row. Wordle 240 had a double letter and a "Y" out of last position.  Then Wordle 241 was an uncommon word that had a double vowel. Wordle 241 also started with a vowel. Wordle 242 proved to also be difficult.

Wordle 242 solution was AROMA.  The word AROMA is much more common than AGORA.  It really doesn't have the obsecurity factor. There is always difficulty with a double-letter Wordle.

This is the 3rd day in a row with a double letter. Double letters together "TT" "LL" "NN" "OO" are a little more common than at the 1st and 5th position. Double vowels or a word starting with a vowel are slightly more difficult. Todays word had both.

Lets review this persons play.

Starting with POINT isn't too bad as it is a top 25% first word.  It doesn't land any 🟩 but does get a 🟨 vowel.  There are many better first words that would have included an "A" and "E", but POINT does provide hints for 2 vowels.  "N" and "T" are good common letters to rule out as well.

Now for the second word.  Guessing GROWS is pretty bad, it really only tries a new placement for the O.  GROWS doesn't provide any information for other vowels.  Guessing SHORE or FROES would have included an "E" instead of a "W".  GROWS did find the 🟩 "O" and also got a 🟩 "R".

RO as 🟩🟩 is pretty helpful!

The third word of DROVE isn't too bad, it does get the "E".  A better word in hindsight would have included the "A".  There are many possible solutions after DRIVE whiffs.  The BROXX, CROXX are still left along with vowels starting the word.

Now placement of the "A" at the beginning in the 4th attempt seems like a longshot.  But it worked out for this player to get a 4/6.  I definitely would have went with BROAD or CROAK instead.  The only FRO word left appears to be FROCK which could have elimiated the CRO--.

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