Wordle 282 - FOUND

Wordle 282 - FOUND

After a couple tough words this past weekend, Monday was a more normal word. The weekend included a word with an "X" on Saturday with PROXY. Then the Sunday word was the first without a vowel, NYMPH.

The word for today, was on my list of words to avoid a couple weeks ago. I will add the table below again, but these are words with ⬛🟩🟩🟩🟩. There are many possible solutions.

With 8 common solutions, the _OUND could get you into trouble. Words available are BOUND, FOUND, HOUND, MOUND, POUND, ROUND, SOUND, and WOUND. Below are a couple screenshots I found on twitter. Comparing the punt method and the brute force (or hard mode) version.

The starting words were not very good, PLANT and CLING. But both played MOUND in the 2nd round. Neither had eliminated any possibility with the first word. After playing MOUND, there were 7 options remaining and 4 chances. (57% chance to win with hard mode)

Now after 4 guesses, they both had 5 possibilities left. At this point both had a 2 out of 5 chance of winning. Basically a 40% chance is worse than a coin flip. The player on the right played FORBS. This will give you a 🟨 for the "R", "B", or "S". Also expose the "F" as a 🟩

This provided a 100% chance to win for the right player. Which will help maintain their streak.

The right player lost.

PRO TIP - You can exit hard mode mid-game if you have a big streak and want to use the punt strategy.

Sometimes we get caught up in the guessing, and don't consider the variable change. Guessing the 5th word wrong results in a 1/4 chance to win, or 25% chance.

Moral of the story. Avoid guessing these problem words in the first place. Guessing a word like SOUND, CATCH or SIGHT could quickly get you into trouble.

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