Wordle 281 - NYMPH

Wordle 281 - NYMPH

Well it finally happened. The first Wordle which didn't include a vowel. Last week, LYNCH was originally scheduled for Wordle 274. But the New York Times adjusted the original Wordle solution list.

This isn't the first time this happened.

Wordle 241 was AGORA and was changed. This resulted in some outrage at the end of February. This is because the websites were not synced. The New York Times site had one answer for the day, but the powerlanguage site had a different answer.

Originally, there were 13 words in the solution list without a vowel. But since LYNCH was skipped, we are down to 12. This past Sunday, LYNCH was the solution.

Many people use a vowel heavy word to start.

Beginning with AUDIO or ADIEU is usually a poor strategy. I prefer for a starter word with an "S". But for NYMPH it was very helpful. It is very likely that you confirmed the 0 vowels in 2 words. With only LYMPH and NYMPH as rhyming possibilities.

After playing PERCH for the 2nd word you have located the "H" as 🟩. Also the "P" has been identified as 🟨.

Early in the game, there are few the possibilities. GLYPH, LYMPH, NYMPH.

Finding out that there are no vowels in the solution provides for a good 3/6 or 4/6 win. If your starting word is a constant heavy word like STORY or CHARM, then you may have struggled.

The solution list includes these solutions. CRYPT, DRYLY, GLYPH, GYPSY, LYMPH, LYNCH, MYRRH, NYMPH, PYGMY, SHYLY, SLYLY, TRYST, WRYLY. Common letters are the "M", "S", "P" along with the "Y"

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