Wordle 251 Solution

Wordle 251 Solution

This is one of the more difficult daily solutions. You may have missed this one and ruined your streak, but let's learn from the mistakes. I'm going to start with a submission where the player failed to win.

Using a two word opener, will help get you good information in the first couple round. A good two-word opener would include the "I" and possibly the "D".

Discovering the "V" is key to success, along with the double "I".

This player started with CHESS, this word is about 9000 out of 13,000. Double-letters for the first word does not give good hints. You are provided a hint on the "C", "H", "E", "S" and whether there are two "S".

The next word was GOING, again there is a double-letter "G". So after 2 rounds, only 8 different constants have been tried. The only thing now known is the 🟨 "I".

Below is the screen shot.

Technically, this player is using the hints provided for the next word. But again, the 3rd and 4th word has a double-letter. PILLS is reusing the "S" from CHESS. Now the 4th word uses a double "ZZ" which exists in only about 2 dozen (0.2%) of words.

For the 5th word, BINGO uses the "N" and "G" from GOING.  I know it is sometimes hard to think of words, especially with a 2nd letter "I". The final word uses the "R" and "T" for the first time. The "R" and "T" should be ruled out in the 1st and 2nd word. VIRTU is certainly a good try. The "D" is still left as well.

There are about 10 valid options remaining for the final guess. Offering a 10% chance to win, assuming all the hints are used from the first 5 words. Some common words left besides VIRTU are: MIXUP and WIDTH

Todays solution had a DOUBLE, DOUBLE LETTER. And the "V" is not very common

VIVID - producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.

The player below guessed LIVID when the "L" was ruled out in the 1st round. Luckily they had another guess remaining.

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