Wordle 250 Solution

Wordle 250 Solution

After a tough word yesterday, the NYT took it easy on people today. The solution is a common word, with mostly common letters. Also, no double-letters. The biggest issue for players is that the word is a "slang term for a common man in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa".

Lets review this submitted screenshot.

The starting word chosen was TOILS which ranks in the #2500 range. This is about the same ranking as QUIET. This player found 2 hints with 🟨 "O" and "L". My first thought is usually to put the 🟨🟨 together. Looking for an "OL" or "LO" word.

Placing the "LO" together, it cannot start off the word since the "O" is not in 2nd position. With another vowel, CLOAK or CLONE. Other options are BLOCK or PLONK.

This player elected ALOUD, which checks two other vowels. After 2 rounds the "N" and "R" remain unchecked along with the "E". Since ALOUD did confirmed the 🟩🟩 for "LO", it is not all lost.

Selecting the 3rd word needs to check the remaining vowel, "E". A common constant should be included. Words like FLORE and CLONE include the "RE" and "NE". The player selected CLONE and confirmed the 🟩 "E" at the end.

Now for the 4th word, there are limited options left. Common words available are GLOBE, GLOVE, CLOVE and possibly a double-letter ELOPE. The player choose GLOVE and it missed.

The number of options are getting small. With ELOPE, BLOKE, FLORE remaining and 2 changes it could be time for the punt strategy. A word like PROBE would determine the answer. Either the "P", "R" or "B" would be 🟨 to point us to the answer.

This player tried BLOKE for the 5th word and solved the puzzle. If BLOKE would have missed, ELOPE and FLORE would have remained. This would have been a coin flip.

I highly doubt those with streaks over 20 have won many coin flips. Non-hard mode players have the flexibility to PUNT. Again, you can see those that employ this strategy. It is obvious from their word emojis. The 4th or 5th round stops progressing and has more ⬛ tiles.


More to come on the punt strategy in easy mode.

BLOKE - slang term for a common man in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

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