Wordle 249 Solution

Wordle 249 Solution

Yesterday, some were outraged. It even started trending on twitter. The term "Wordle 249 X" was getting 15,000 tweets per hour. People were proudly displaying their failed games because the word was not well known. Other's commented that todays word was used in the children's book, "The Little Mermaid".

Did you have trouble with the Wordle from today? Certainly, TROVE is not used often. Send your word game screenshot to wordnerdle@gmail.com, I am interested to see.

The real problem with today's word was the rhyme options. I will discuss this problem more in depth with the screenshot below.

This player started with TRACE, which is ranked #22 according to FirstWord.com. There are also good anagrams of CRATE, CARTE, CATER, REACT, and CARET using the same letters. The 1st words provides three 🟩 tiles, which is typically good. Early 🟩 tiles can create potential issues, especially in hard mode.

There are about a dozen words that fit the TH--E solution. The problem is that there is little overlap. This player selected TRIBE and TRUCE for the 2nd and 3rd word. Both failing to improve the solution.

The 3rd guess, TRUCE was bad. TRACE eliminated the "C" and TRUCE used it again. There is not a double letter "E" option, so the player can now assume that the vowel missing is the "O".

With 3 turns left and 5 options, the player is in a tough situation. In hard mode, they will lose 40% of the time. In easy mode there are options, one is the punt strategy. The words TRO-E words are:


The player tried TROPE, and it confirmed the "O". Now there are 4 options left with 2 turns. The odds to lose has increased from 40% to now 50%. If the 5th guess is wrong, the chance to lose on the last guess is 2 out of 3 or 66.6%.

Accounting for variable change the player decides to punt. For the 5th word they played DRUNK.

This word will confirm or deny...
- TRODE with the "D"
- TRONE with the "N"
- TROKE with the "K"

Other words like DUNKS or KNEED or KNIVE could have narrowed down answer for the 6th guess. Again, this punt strategy works best when it is a certainty. You are essentially wasting the 5th guess, to guarantee the 6th guess.

One of the ways to avoid this problem, is the two word start. This will guarantee gaining knowledge on 10 letters in the first 2 rounds. When 3 🟩 or 🟨 are found on the first word, you are now down to 7 unique letter. Especially in hard mode.

How did you do on TROVE?