Wordle 248 Solution

Wordle 248 Solution

Today being 2/22/22, must have made NYT soft. Today's Wordle answer is the easiest I've seen in over a month. Many people were able to get the answer in 3 or 4 tries yesterday. Based on the statistics, over 80% solved it in 4 or less.

Yesterday, "Wordle in 2" was trending on twitter. Partly because of the special 2/22/22 date, being a TWOSday. This also was because at 14%, it seemed to be very easy. Starting words helped greatly, especially if an "O" was included. STORY would have got ⬛🟨🟩🟩⬛. Other highly used words received good hints.

THOSE - 🟩🟩🟩⬛⬛
THEIR - 🟩🟩⬛⬛🟨
RENTS - 🟨⬛🟨🟨⬛

Some people struggled, here are a couple submissions. One is a political statement, the other uses a two word combo. Both are interesting, looking at a solution is like a fingerprint into their brain.

Since this one took 4 tries, below is their solution from yesterday.

After using mostly STORY, TREAD, or SPINE lately. They decided to start with LANES, this is a good top 10% starting word. Ranking 810 according to FirstWord.com. It only provides the "N" as a 🟨.

They included the "A" and "E" in my first word. Still a vowel is needed, including 2 other vowels in the 2nd word is a good strategy. Some good options are UNITY, UNIFY, RHINO, or maybe THING for 1 vowel.

This player selected GOING with a double letter "G". Using a double letter in the 2nd word could waste a valuable early hint. Both "G"s miss, but the "O" is discovered. The "N" now has the 4th position ruled out.

Now for the 3rd word, the common "R" and "T" have not been tried yet. The 3rd word should included one or both of these constants. An option is TROTH, THROB, THROW. This player again chose a word that DOES account for available hints. DROWN brings in the "R", CROWN probably would have been ok as well. The "N" could have been ignored with the word TROUT as well.

The 3rd word locates the "O" and "N" with 🟩. It also uncovers the "R" out of position 🟨. With the vowels eliminated, the "R" at the beginning is very unlikely. Placement of the "R" in the 4th for --"ORN" reveals the solution. The "S" being ⬛ removes SCORN, SWORN, etc. The "A" being ⬛ eliminates ACORN and ADORN.

The player is left with THORN.

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