Wordle 247 Solution

Wordle 247 Solution

Many people had a great Monday with Wordle 247 being somewhat easy. The solution for today really only had one complication. It started with a vowel.

Many of my friends and family got it on the 3rd try. Today was my first 2/6. Which means I got the answer on the 2nd try. I am going to share my puzzle solution along with another one that was submitted.

Here is my puzzle:

I have been starting with STORY sometimes for the past couple weeks. It is nice that it includes the "Y" along with the "S", "T", "R". Do I need to tell you another STORY?

Anyway, STORY gets a 🟩 for the "T" and two 🟨 for the "OR". Knowing that something had to ahead of the T, there are limited options. The "ST" has been eliminated, which helps a lot. This makes a vowel the likely first letter. It could be an "A", "E", "I", "O", "U". Placing a vowel at the beginning, my mind went right to the "O" since it was 🟨.

There are very few solutions remaining with the hints provided. Below are a few.


Guessed OTHER and got a 2/6, YAY.

Below is the submitted puzzle:

This player begins with a strong word. First word SUITE is a top 1% starting word. It is #91 overall based on FirstWord.com. SUITE is good with 3 vowels and a good 🟩 chance for the "S" and "E". The word SUITE gets the "TE" as 2 🟨.

This is another player that has a two word opener. This means that the hints are ignored from the first word. So this player uses BOARD for the 2nd word. SUITE and BOARD include all 5 vowels and mostly important constants. Now BOARD found another 2 🟨, resulting in 4 🟨 hints for the 3rd word.

Selecting a 3rd word is tough, using all the available hints. Words like REPOT or FETOR would take into account the 🟨 placement. This player selected METRO which places the "R" in the same position as BOARD. But METRO does find more 🟨 placements. This leads to assuming there is an "E" or "O" as the first letter.

Guessing OTTER for the 4th guess again doesn't account for a 🟨. We discussed double letter hints in the past. The "T" in METRO would have been 🟩 in this situation.

With the OT-ER placed correctly, the only guess remaining it OTHER. Both METRO and OTTER had hints previously to rule out the answer. These words were sort of a punt strategy.

Starting with the two word strategy can sometimes make it difficult to guess optimally. Optimal guesses are required for hard mode.

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