Wordle 246 Solution

Wordle 246 Solution

How was your weekend? Don't you love it when your relaxing Sunday, and Wordle introduces you to a new word for your vocabulary. This wordle had a double-letter, two vowels and is a lesser known 5-letter word.

Lets review this play, I know I ended up brute forcing this one.

Starting with STARE is a safe, smart play. STARE is ranked #5 according to FirstWord.com and WordPlay.com. The "S" is very common as the first letter. Plus "E" is very common as the last letter. STARE provides a good chance to get a 🟩.

Now the 2nd word selected is interesting. The word TALKY does use all of the hints provided in STARE. But it doesn't try any new vowels and uses "K" as well. Introducing a more common letter like the "N", "I" or "O" may have been better. TALON or maybe TAINT. TALKY does discover a starting 🟩🟩 which is very helpful.

After 2 rounds 5 constants "S", "R", "L", "K", "Y" have been eliminated along with the "E". The 3rd word should use another vowel and probably the "N". TANGO is a good choice, again TAINT or TAUNT would be a good choice for other vowels. After entering TANGO, the player eliminates 3 more letters from the solution.

Using TANGO has eliminated TAINT and TAUNT. There are few words remaining with the available letters. Getting 🟩 or ⬛ is the very helpful. The letter is either "in" or "out" of the Wordle solution.

For word 4, there are two remaining vowels with the "I" and "U". I struggle to think of an option using the "U", but you could always use the "punt strategy" here. A word like BUILD would introduce the remaining vowels along with a "B" and "D". This person selected TABID.

TABID - "Wasting away, declining."

Wordle is good at expanding your 5-letter word vocabulary. A 6-letter version would certainly do the same as well. TABID is not a word at the tip of my tongue. TABID finds a 🟩 "I" which narrows down the answer. Most common words are eliminated in previous rounds, like TAXIS, TAKIN, TAPIS and TANIA.

This person selected TAFIA for the 5th word. Another uncommonly used word. When I reach the end of my vocabulary, I often "punt" or brute force the next word.

TAFIA - "A drink similar to rum, distilled from molasses"

Nothing new is uncovered with the 5th word. Now 10 constants have been eliminated. There could be an obscure word with a "U" in it possibly. Personally, I struggled with this word. If you assume a double letter, the TA-IT only has TACIT available.

TACIT - "Understood or implied without being stated"

Player guessed this word and won. Keeping their streak alive. The strategy played was very good overall. No mistakes or unused hints. This was a unique word and tough for many players. Lesser known words makes the game more challenging, but can frustrate players quickly.

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