Wordle 245 Solution

Wordle 245 Solution

This word had a very common first letter. The "S" is in the first position 18% of the time. Selecting a first word with a starting "S" will get the 🟩 quite often. This word also had a double letter which could trip people up as well.

Lets review this persons play.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I like starting with STORY. Other good words that start with "S" and end with "Y" are SKIEY, SEAMY, SALTY or STRAY. Starting with STORY, this player got a 🟩 "S" in the first position.

Looking at options for the 2nd word, it is now known that a "T", "R", "Y" and "O" are not in the solution. You need to determine the vowel. I would try for an "E" and "A" in the 2nd word. SEDAN, SAVED or maybe SHEAL would be good for including 2 vowels.

This player chose SNAIL. It includes 2 new vowels and the common constants "N" and "L". This word found the "L" at the end with a 🟩. SNAIL also found a vowel in the word with "I".

Considering the 3rd word, this player is in good position to win. There are less than 20 words that start with "S", end with "L" and contain an "I". Words like SPOIL have been eliminated as well with the 🟨 "I" in the 4th position. There are 5 possibilities that end with a double-letter "LL" Choosing SHILL is a good option. This word finds S-ILL with 🟩 tiles.

So the first word STORY eliminated STILL. So there are 3 options left. There are 3 turns remaining, so this player will win. Remaining words are SKILL, SPILL, SWILL. Selecting SPILL is a good choice.

For the 5th word, I would have choose SKILL instead of SWILL. This is because SKILL is more common than SWILL. If you are not playing hard mode, you could guarantee a 5/6 win. Playing PAWKY would expose the "W" as a 🟨 tile. I call this a punt strategy.

If you can get two in a word, that would also expose the answer. Guessing WORKS would show the "W" as 🟨. Guessing PERKS would show the "P" and "K" as ⬛ tile. Leading you to SWILL, assuming that you know this word. If you do not know the word SWILL, you will likely brute force it.

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