Wordle 244 Solution

Wordle 244 Solution

Well that was rough. The Wordle solution for yesterday had an average failure rate of 8.5%. This word has a double letter, but is a well known word. You could also get into trouble with this:

ā¬›šŸŸ©šŸŸ©šŸŸ©šŸŸ©, lets review this gameplay

Beginning with PLANT is a 1500 rank word according to WordPlay.com. This is an ok starting word, but it whiffs will all black tiles.


In the 2nd round, this player chooses SHIRE which ranks in the top 100 as a first word. This word doesn't duplicate any letters in PLANT. The 2nd word has now eliminated 2 vowels and 7 constants. It landed a šŸŸ© "E" in the last spot. The "E" is a šŸŸ© 18% of the time in the 5th position.


Now the 3rd word of BUDGE is another good choice using 3 new constants and 1 new vowel. A slightly better play would have tried both the "O" and "U". Maybe DOUCE or COUPE. BUDGE does good with 2 more šŸŸ©šŸŸ© and --DGE now known. Actually "ODGE" is known since no vowels are known.


Selecting a double letter "E" with WEGDE is good to rule out here. This word will also confirm whether WODGE is a possibility. Now with nothing new known, we are down to "ODGE" words.


LODGE - eliminated with 1st word PLANT
PODGE - eliminated with 1st word PLANT
BODGE - eliminated with 3rd word BUDGE
WODGE - eliminated with 4th word WEDGE

Remaining words


DODGE - avoid by a sudden quick movement
MODGE - to do shoddily; make a mess of

Guaranteed with a win (unless there is an obscure word ZODGE? in the word list) with 2 chances left. There is no need for the punt strategy. For the 4th word, I would have selected the DODGE since it is more common. But the player may have thought of MODGE first. Looking at the light gray letters on the keyboard can make us overlook a double letter answer.

Winning in the 6th round along with 18% of players with DODGE.

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