Wordle 235 Solution

Wordle 235 Solution
Another tough word day with 6% of people ending their streak.

Decided to snag some screenshots of my game and thought strategy for today's puzzle.  Wordle 235 could be difficult today since most people will whiff on the first word.  The key will be the 2nd and 3rd choice.

Wordle 235 4/6


My starting word today was SPRAY.  It has ranking at the top 10%.

Hitting the R, i was thinking there may be an ING.  So I went with GRIME.

This guess hit the M as well, but no 🟩.  More importantly, I am 2 rounds in with no vowels confirmed.  Went with ROUND, this in HARD mode probably would have done MOURN.

Now I have confirmed ROU and M with 🟨.  Putting the R at the end made me thing the vowels had to be split up.  Came up with HUMOR and got a lucky 4/6 today.