WordPlay 55 Solution

The past few days I have been playing the daily game at WordPlay.com. Just like Wordle, there is a daily word at WordPlay. After you are done, you can keep playing. WordPlay has been designed with the same rules, but for a different reason.

  • WordPlay allows you to practice as much as you want
  • WordPlay will remain free with no paywall
  • WordPlay is educational, offering definitions, rhymes, synonyms, etc
  • FirstWord.com intergrated support to grade you first word selection.

Here is a review of my gameplay from today at WordPlay.com

To start the game, I began with TRACE. The little information button to the right will reveal your first word rank. For TRACE, it shows to be a good starting word at #22. FirstWord.com will rank your word from 1 to nearly 13,000.

With the 🟩🟩 received for the "RA", I decided to go with PRAYS. I wanted to include an "S", but there probably were better options. Other words could have been BRAGS, GRADS, and DRAGS.

After PRAYS, we now have a yellow "S". This does not fit well at the start. So you are left with -RAS-. With WordPlay.com, you can press the space bar to leave a blank. This helps me visualize my options.

There could be a double "S", I went with a poor play of BRASS. It is known that the "S" is in the 4th position. Also it is not in the 5th position. CRASH would have been a way better guess. Many options like ERASE and TRASH can be ruled out with TRACE.

After gaining the BRAS- you are left with BRASH.

Be sure to give WordPlay a try. Add it to your daily game routine. I like that WordPlay offers more instruction, play feedback, and FirstWord.com data feedback.

Send your word game screenshot to wordnerdle@gmail.com