Hardest Wordle Solutions

Hardest Wordle Solutions

There have been many tough Wordle and WordPlay solutions the past couple weeks. The New York Times has actually not changed much. The have removed a few words from the original solution listing. Overall, the words have just randomly become more difficult.

What makes a word difficult?

Your first or second word can make the daily puzzle easy or hard.

Looking back at solutions since January 1st, below are the most difficult. This is ranked based on the average score. The average score is the typical number of attempts to get the right answer. For those failing, it is assumed they would get the answer write on the 7th attempt.

Some of the words have rare letters, like PROXY or KNOLL.

Some of the words have double letters, like LOWLY or VIVID.

As still others have the 4 🟩 problem like WATCH, CATER and FOUND.

Even though NYMPH has no vowels. Many players figured this out in the 2nd or 3rd round and had few remaining options.

This next ranking shows the words with the highest X/6 rate. Failing to get the word in 6 tries is due to poor strategy, or hard mode. Words with many variants can be figured out with a "burner word" through the punt strategy.

A few of the words are on both lists, but a few additions were made. Ranking by failure rate, DODGE, STOVE, TROVE, and SHAKE were added. These words have variants and DODGE also has a double letter.

It is sometimes tough to discover a double letter. Combining a double letter within a variant is usually the most difficult. The situation for WATCH would be even worse if the double letter HATCH or CATCH was the answer. This requires the "burner word" to have letters placed in the first position.

The Wordle and WordPlay solution list doesn't include many words ending with "S". Removing the plurals eliminated many of the problem words with many variants. I plan to update this listing with data available on Twitter and Facebook. Usually people are hesitant to post a failure (X/6), unless of course it is trending.

Approximately 5% of players use Wordle hard mode, which is really a different game. The rule differences make the variants more of a problem. Most people use the 🟩 and 🟨 hints provided, and hard mode requires it.

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