First Word: AUDIO

First Word: AUDIO

Starting Wordle with AUDIO

Looking at the Wordle list of about 13,000 words, nearly every single one has a vowel, and half have 2 vowels. So with only 5 vowels, this would seem like a good starting point. Using as many vowels as possible in the first word seems like a good strategy. But it really is not.

Starting with AUDIO is probably a little better than most double letter first words.

First word of AUDIO is a popular starting word since it has 4 different vowels. It ranks 7,000 out of 13,000. It is in the bottom half of words. The word usually doesn't have much chance of getting a 🟩 in the first round. I mentioned before that a 1st word 🟩 is very helpful to get the word by the 6th try. The 🟨 is not as helpful.

The A is most common in the 2nd/3rd spot.
The U is most common in the 2nd spot (7th overall).
The D is most common in the 1st or 3rd spot.
The I is most common in the 3rd spot.
The O is most common in the 2nd spot.

Starting off Wordle with AUDIO reduces your chances of getting a 🟩.  It does help people in figuring out which vowel is included.  If this word misses, then the "E" could be assumed.

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