Entropy: First Word in Wordle

Entropy: First Word in Wordle

There are many ways to determine the best starting word in the 5-letter word game Wordle.  Frankly, picking any reasonable word with 5 different seemingly common letters is a good start.  But if you want to optimize your game play, the best way is simulated game play.

Grant Sanderson, aka 3Blue1Brown, posted a video Sunday showing his process for coming up with the best first Wordle word.  Spoiler alert that he found the best starting word to be CRANE.  But the spoiler is in the YouTube teaser.

This analysis requires the best 2nd word as well.  That can be a little more tricky for the human mind, but can easily be programmed for a computer.  This is an interesting 30 minute video for the big Wordle fans.

Hard mode players, the beginning CRANE can get you into trouble with the closely matching words that result.  Grant also mentioned in his video that you could increase your advantage by not considering past Wordle answers.  Maybe now that the NY Times bought this game, things will change.  Leaving the possibility to have the same word two days in a row.

What do you think about the Double Wordle game Dordle?