Daily Dordle 0027

Daily Dordle 0027

Yesterdays Dordle had a solution with well known words. None were double letters, making for a relaxing Sunday word puzzle. Let's review this person's word selection:

Starting word for Dordle and Wordle should be about the same. This player chose to start with STAIN, which is about #1000 overall. According to WordPlay.com, this word is better that 90% of all starting words. The left hand side didn't uncover any letters, the right hand side found a 🟩 "A" and a 🟨 "N".

Typically, I will use the best hints for my next word. The option is either to focus on the left side with a 5-letter word not including the letters of STAIN. Or you can try to take the hints on the right hand side.

This player focused on the right side with the 🟩 "A" and replaced the 🟨 "N" to the 4th position. The word PLANE introduced the "P", "L" and "E" to the left side as well. On the left, PLANE found a 🟩 "P" at the start and a 🟩 "E" at the end. On the right the "LAN" was found with 🟩🟩🟩 in the middle.

For the 3rd word, the player shifts back to the left side. This is an okay strategy, there are many suitable letters around "LAN". The word PRUDE also includes the "R", "D" and the vowel "U". The starting "PR" and ending "E" is now found on the left, nothing new learned on the right.

Available guesses for the 4th word are PROVE, PROBE. The player could have tried BLANK or BLANC for the right side to help narrow down the left side answer. The player chose to try PROBE and found the left answer.

Now for the 5th word on the right, there are 3 attempts left. The double letter possibilities have been eliminated except for ALANG. I count 4 possibilities remaining on the right. CLANG, CLANK, FLANK and the double letter ALANG. Playing C---G will narrow the answer down for the 6th guess.

ALANG - "a type of grass grown in Malaysia, often used on roofs"

After guessing CLANG and ruling out the double lettered ALANG, the only remaining option is FLANK.

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