Daily Dordle 0021

Daily Dordle 0021

This Dordle includes a couple very common words for answers. Solving two words at the same time can be a little overwhelming. I am going to walk you through this person's solution today. Discussing the strategy to get both answers in 7 tries or less.

When I play Dordle, I usually play one side in "hard mode". This means that I try to use all the hints given for the first word. First word selection is important, but basically the same as Wordle.

This person started with STARE, this is a good starting word. Getting a 🟨 for the "T" on the left, and 2 🟨 and a 🟩 "R". Since the word did better on the right, I would work on that word next.

The player focused on the left side, this strategy isn't too bad either as it will introduce 4 new letters on the right side as well. The word POINT is a good 2nd word for the left hand side. It also replaced the 🟨 "T" on the right.

The "I" has been discovered on the left with a 🟨 and the "T" is now 🟩. The 3rd word selection of DIVOT is not so good. DIVOT reuses the "O" which is not in the right or left word. A better 3rd word would have been LIGHT or even TIGHT. TIGHT puts the "T" in a new spot for the right side word.

Now DIVOT found the "I" location on the left, but nothing new has been learned on the right. FIGHT is a good guess in the 4th, again LIGHT or MIGHT are good options as well. FIGHT gets lucky and is the solution on the right side. Again, nothing has been learned on the right.

There are 3 chances left for the right side. It is known that the "T" and "A" are 🟨 and a 🟩 "R". Placing "T" first is a good option, and the word TACKY uses all known hints except for the "R". The "U" has not been introduced. Using the hints only leaves a few options. Best option is ULTRA, but TARRY, AUTRY, LUTRA are others.

With TACKY you have learned that the "TA" are not the first two letters. There are no words with the "A" first, but ULTRA dn LUTRA remains as options using all available hints. ULTRA is a common word, but the "U" has not even been considered to this point.

Guessing ULTRA for the last word was really the only choice with all the letters tried in previous rounds. XXTRA the "E" removed EXTRA, the "N" removed "ANTRA"

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